The undiscovered magical hinterland of Slovenian Istria

2 Krajevna skupnost Gradin Brezovica pri Gradinu 1b SLO – 6272 Gračišče +386 40 299 667 Beautiful nature, charming, clustered stone villages, hospitable locals with a pleasant, melodic dialect, and excellent cuisine will strongly impress the visitor of Slovene Istria, who travels along the narrow winding roads in the hinterland of the Slovenian coast. Distance from cities is an advantage in these places. Unspoiled nature, clean air, silence, and excellent spring water, will embrace the visitor with peace and contribute to better well-being. A short getaway or long vacation in Green Gradin will offer you a complete retreat from the noise and rush of everyday life and, is therefore a unique experience. Many natural sights and cultural treasures are hidden in these mysterious and remote places. The heavy Istrian soil brings its goodies every season - in spring nature offers cherries and wild asparagus, in the summer the gardens and meadows are full of tasty veggies, aromatic herbs, and spices. The autumn is time for truffles, mushrooms, and grape harvest followed by olive picking and ripe persimmons. The real celebration of abundance! Winters are colder than on the coast and the winds are stronger, but also the time when nature rests is wonderful. The locals are friendly and connected. Villagers connect through the working actions. On these occasions groups of locals clean forest paths together, repair dry stone walls, typical for the area, arrange the surroundings of cemeteries and help each other with grape picking. These working actions are always followed by a celebration. Typical Istrian music, singing, dancing, excellent food and good wine are an integral part of every festival. The locals like to welcome visitors into their company, tell stories from the past, and forge genuine friendly ties with their guests. You are cordially invited to the Green Gradin, to an unforgettable experience of a different holiday.